ghost_toes's Art and Instruments

Hello! I'm ghost_toes, an artist, musician, and general craftsperson based in America. I'm very interested in the intersection between historical artforms/methods and modern life. Digital art is my primary medium, and I'm also an avid fiber artist. As part of my undergraduate thesis, I've also been studying luthierie.

This site is home to a small selection of my works and musings. For inquiries about commissions, collaborations, trades, or anything of that nature, please contact me on Discord @robot#5487. Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet!

Of course, everything is heavily under development. I'm writing this homepage on August 26th, 2022, and this is the only page. I don't even have a proper header! I'm very light on content. Updates and renovations to come. Stay tuned!